We grow our own forage,

we give them bread from Kanelsnurren(formerly Lie Nilsen Bakeri),

and they get mash from Lysefjorden Microbrewery.

All this means that we can reduce the use of concentrate to a minimum.


We can't promise that we always have everything,

since we do a small production.

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Tenderloin (Indfrefilet)                              NOK 539/kg

Sirloin (Ytrefilet)                                            NOK 489/kg

Entrecotè                                                             NOK 399/kg

Top Sirloin (Mørbrad)                                   NOK 339/kg

Inside round (Flatbiff)                                 NOK 289/kg

Rump steak (Rundsteik)                             NOK 269/kg

Shoulder Clod Roast (Bogsteik)              NOK 269/kg

Culottes                                                                  NOK 309/kg

Chuck roll (Høyrygg)                                      NOK 269/kg

Sausage meat without bone                      NOK 259/kg

Pounded meat                                                     NOK 239/kg

Minced meat, 1 x 0.5 kg                                    NOK 105/cup

Three times a year, bulls are delivered for slaughter.

It varies which breed it is, as we have both Norwegian Red Fe (NRF) and meat breeds, such as Limousine and Hereford.

In connection with the slaughter, we organize sale of fresh beef directly to private households.

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When ordering, it will be stated when the boxes can be collected.

And it is also possible to buy single fresh parts in the shop at distribution

An overview of the various boxes:


A box of approx. 7-9 kg with various cutting parts.

Here you get both steaks, gravy  meat, sirloin, steaks and pounded meat.

The box costs NOK 260 per kg


We also have boxes of beef dough, which is 100% pure beef.

The boxes are 5 kg, with 10 x 0.5 kg cups.

The box costs NOK 1050,- per box(NOK 210 per kg)

We take orders for these boxes before each slaughter.

It is of course possible to send an order at any time,

and you will receive feedback on when the next delivery is after we have received your order.

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