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Pork Patties of Mangalitsapig

Slightly coarse pork patties, made from mangalitsa pig.

Contains: Pork, EGG, salt, pepper, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, potato flour, oil

Packed with 9 pieces in each pack, and delivered frozen.

Price: NOK 115 per package (approx. 500g)

Cured beef

Cured beef made from beef from Kvamme Gard.

We use little salt and cut thin slices, for better taste.

Contains: Beef, nitrite salt (0.6% nitrite)

Price: 79 per box (100 gr)

Chocolate balls (from Urt & Ugras)

Chocolate balls with passion fruit filling.

Julie's chocolate balls contain 54% dark chocolate, white chocolate (MILK),

passion fruit, vodka.

A handmade delicacy from our master chef

Price: NOK 99 per box

Macaroons (from Urt & Ugras)

Amazingly good Macaroons.

Contains 7 macaroons with two different flavours, which will vary from time to time.

Julie's macaroons contain:Almond flour (ALMOND) Sugar, EGG, water, butter (MILK) and varying flavorings.A handmade delicatesse from our own master chef.

Price: NOK 199 per box

Biscotti (from Urt & Ugras)

Biscotti are oblong, thick, crispy biscuits made to be dipped in coffee, cocoa or dessert wine.

Originally from Italy, the term "biscotti" comes from the Latin word for "twice baked" because cookies must be baked twice to make them dry and crispy.

Julie's biscotti contains: WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, EGG, lemon, fig, apricot and baking powder

Price: NOK 59 per bag

Dry hopped Cola (from Arna Brusfabrikk)

soda – 0.33l can.

Presumably the world's first dry-hopped cola!

Homemade cola with small amounts of Amarillo hops added during storage.

Round and fresh soft drink, with light notes of citrus over a classic cola taste.

Ingredients: water, sugar, citric acid (E330), natural flavor and aroma,dried lime, Amarillo hops.

Price: NOK 25 per can

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