Bergen Hjort


The fram is run today by Linda Bjørvik Vørøs and Robert Vørøs,

together with our 5 children and Linda's parents, who also live on the farm.

The farm has been in the family for a long time and we have eager children,

who want to take over the business after us.

-Our farm is situated in the beautiful Langedalen valley in Bergen Municipality.

In total we are 11 people who areassociated with the operation of our business.

With us, all people and animals will enjoy themselves!

Facilitated Work(Inn På Tunet)

With us,

adapted work and activity

through animal care,

work with vegetables and berry production, other incidental tasks that follow life on the farm and participation in regular routines

- are all a central part of our offer as a facilitated workplace..


We can offer on the job training adapted to earler mentioned activity and will use this as a combination to create mastery for everyone.

We direct our offer to:

youth / young adults and adults who want job training.

Daily offer: pr week

Daily offer: pr weekend

We want a good dialogue with our customers, so that we together can provide the best possible offer.


We are active outdoor enthusiasts, the use of nature is important in our offer.

We have work in both in our own forest and fields,

but also in nearby areas,

such as the sea and mountains.

Where we can offer both kayak paddling and skiing experiences.


Life as a farmer gives the feeling of creating something - for us this is circular economy in practice and that we are an important contributor to the environment.

Linda and Robert have their entire working day on the farm, the days have fixed points and there are always new exciting things to work with.

Our animals are what we spend the most time on and we are sure that happy animals are the best for everyone!

We have three types of animals with us at Løvaas farm; Deer, Mangalitsa pig and chickens.

We also have a dog called Alfonso and two cats.

The deer on the farm is of the Norwegian deer type - and we have put up fences around large areas, where it does what it likes best - namely grazing.

With us, the deer live in natural deer terrain and have both meadow and forest to graze in.

In summer and spring, the deer eats on pasture, in winter it gets grass harvested on the farm.

This gives the animal good nutrition and the meat gets the natural flavor the deer should have.

We have colts, calves and the buck BAMBO, who is the big boss in the area where our deer graze.

In the autumn of 2022, a modern slaughterhouse for the deer will be completed, and the first meat will be ready for delivery to VAREGGA Mat from Bergen AS.

The pigs on the farm are of the Mangalitsa (woolly pig) type.

Our pigs are distributed over several grazing areas, where the pigs eat; grass, roots, bushes and anything else they find in the ground.

The meat from this breed of pig has a unique marbling and has a very good taste.

The animals graze outside for 640 days and can go into their own house whenever they want.

The hens on the farm are of different breeds, all are Debio approved and lay organic eggs.

The hens live in the yellow hen house and have nice outdoor areas where they can strut.

On the farm, we produce vegetables, which are produced organically.

Our potatoes are of the Juno, Carolus, Mandel, Beate and Kerrs Pink types.

The potatoes are a seasonal product and are available from VAREGGA Mat from Bergen AS in season.

Preparation of new pastures and fence routes is part of the development on the farm.

This gives us the opportunity to produce firewood,

which we dry and pack in sacks for sale to customers in Bergen.

Other products and services at Løvaas Gard

We welcome people to our farm and offer:

Farm visit

We welcome families and other groups/companies who want to visit us and experience deer up close.

Our guests can get up close to our beautiful deer (so close, in fact, that you can cuddle with them.

We naturally take our guests to both pigs and chickens.

If the guests wish, we have a hot grill ready when you want.

Delicious local barbecue food can be bought in VAREGGA Mat Fra Bergen store, which is on our farm.

Price by agreement. (All year)

Deer safari - experience the wild rut, close to the deer in Bergen

The farmer on the farm is passionate about deer and spends a lot of time with our own animals and those that live wild in the area around the farm.

Many large roe deer move down to our farm to sniff the hinds we have with us.

This means a lot of rut roar and tough battles on and around the farm, to win the pack's favor.

The farmer takes groups of up to 4 people every night, from 1 October.

Price by agreement

Kayak rental - experience the fjord and sea life in Bergen

We have modern and stable kayaks for hire.

Guests can collect them from us or have them delivered and picked up at the desired location in Bergen and the surrounding area.

It is also possible to have a guide.

Price by agreement (spring / summer)

Guided tour in Byfjellene - The city's pride, the 7 mountains

We have good guides who take guests in the city mountains and in the area around the farm.

Price by agreement (spring / summer)

Guided ski tour (alpine, summit tour, cross-country skiing) to Voss

- the largest ski destination in western Norway

We have skilled guides who are well-known in the alpine resorts, mountain peaks and cross-country skiing opportunities at Voss.

We take up to 4 people on day trips to Voss and Myrkdalen.

We organize ski hire, lift tickets and food.

Price by agreement (Winter)

Helicopter tour - See the city and the fjords around the city from the air

We organize group tours by helicopter in and around Bergen.

We also organize flights to the desired destination.

Price by agreement

Løvaas Gard - Everything for your garden

Jordtorget is in the center of the farm and is co-located with the farm shop of VAREGGA Mat from Bergen

Here, private individuals can shop at the store, buy compost and soil products,

which are produced on the farm.

All types of crushed stone, sand, shingle, bark, plants, trees and ready-made lawns are also sold here.

We hold courses in organic and permacultural gardening.

We carry out sweeping and flushing of outdoor areas, salting and plowing in winter.

We have good gardeners who take care of private properties in Bergen and the surrounding area.

Løvaas gard is a co-owner of:

VAREGGA Mat from Bergen AS and VAREGGA Energy AS

Contact information for

Løvaas Gard:

Farm manager

Linda Vørøs Bjørvik

Phone 97 76 96 33

Farmer Robert Vørøs,

Phone 97 55 55 75