Haugsvær Gard

The Haugsvær Farm


Christian Haugsvær is the 4th generation who runs the farm, which is located in Langedalen in Arna, just east of Byfjellet.

Christian and Siv have two boys who are very happy growing up on a farm.

At the farm, they get to help feed and cuddle the pigs.

At Haugsvær Gården, there used to be milk production. Now there is a small production,

with about 6 pigs at a time.

In winter, the pigs themselves can choose whether they want to be outside or inside.

All summer they just go outside and here they can root in the soil, bathe in mud, lie down in the shade of trees and go into a small house to find shade or shelter from bad weather.

We have therefore chosen to label these products with "UTEGRIS" (translated Outsidepigs)

They eat what they find of grass, bushes, roots and other plants and they get the most delicious baked goods from Kanelsnurren(formerly Lie Nilsen Bakeri), as well as some concentrate to get a complete supply of nutrients.

Without important vitamins and minerals from the concentrate, they do not develop good bone strength. They can drink water from streams in the grazing area and from tubs with fresh water.

They are used to being around people as they are handled during feeding every day and come on call to the feeding area and like to be scratched and fed.

You can tell a pig is enjoying itself when its tail curls!