Kvamme Gard


At the turn of the year 2013/2014, the farm was taken over by Trond and Ingvild Kvamme after Trond's parents, who had then run it from 1983.

We, Trond and Ingvild, live here on the farm.

Ask is our oldest child, and has moved out to study.

Our youngest, Eirik, has bought a house in the neighbourhood.

Trond's parents live in the second house on the farm, and this is a very good help for us.

Trond is the 12th generation running the farm,

which has been in the family's possession since sometime in the 16th century.

Around 1960, the neighboring farm was bought, and the area of ​​cultivated land then increased.

Today, the farm is 476 acres including outfield.

Of this, the cultivated land today makes up about 70 acres.

The farm is nicely located, on the "backside" of the city mountain in Bergen, in Ytre Arna.

Until 1999, there was milk production on the farm, with an annual quota of around 88,000 litres.

In addition, they also had some oxen for meat production.

From 1999, it has only been run with the herding of bulls.

The farmshed was built in 1970 and is in good condition.

The building is utilized to the maximum, with space for up to 24 bulls, and approx. 30-35 winter-fed sheep.

We buy calves when they are about 4-6 months old.

Then they have a live weight of around 120-140 kg.

They are then fed until they are around 18 months old, before they are sent to slaughter.

The weight has then increased to around 750-850 kg live weight.

This then gives about 350 kg of meat.

Each year, the farm produces around 7-8,000 kg of beef.

We manage and operate the areas of 7 farms in total, and mow grass on approximately 230 acres.

This gives us access to plenty of roughage, which is the most important resource for our animals.

In this way, we can feed the bulls with less power feed, this reduces our costs considerably,

and makes us more self-sufficient.

We use a lot of bread as fodder. We get this from Kanelsnurren (formerly Lie Nielsen Bakery)

Each ox eats 3-4  whole bread a day. We also use mash from Lysefjorden Mikrobryggeri in Ytre Arna.

Mash is the grain left over after the brewery has boiled it to produce beer.

On the farm we also have around 30-35 winterfed sheep.

Every year we get lambs from about 25 of these, which in a good year can give us 40-50 lambs.

It gives us the opportunity to send around 25 lambs and 10 sheep to slaughter annually.

The sheep go out to graze from mid-May until the end of September. Our pastures are part of the Byfjellet in Beregn, and in the autumn we take them home and let them graze on what grows back after we have harvested the infield for the second time.

Then they enjoy the juicy and good grass there for the last month before we send them to slaughter.

We shear the one that we are to have over the winter.

The wool is sorted and sent to NORILIA, which sends it on abroad

and to factories in Norway, for further processing.

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Trond Kvamme

Tel 468 19 108

Email: kvamme.gard@gmail.com

Website: www.kvammegard.no