Lavik Bigard



Lavik Bigard is run by Sven Roar and Anne-Britt Lavik.

Our home is in the kårhuset at Lavik Gard.

Here we thrive among people and animals,

in a natural landscape on the east side of Bergen's city mountain.

Our children Kristine, Torgeir and Marianne have moved out of the den and started their own familys.

We have six wonderful grandchildren and two bonus grandchildren who we enjoy spending a lot of time with.

We are proud that our son Torgeir and daughter-in-law Kristine want to take over and run

Lavik Gard as the fourth generation on the farm.


Lavik Bigard was established in the summer of 2019.

In the same year, we conducted beekeeping courses through the Bergen Beekeeping Association.

In January 2020, Anne-Britt completed and passed a competence course in beekeeping.

This means that we can certify our own apiary.

We started with 5 hives in July 2019.

Since 2020, these hives have produced summer honey and heather honey for us.

We have our own churning room where we churn and stir the honey

before it is poured straight into glasses.

This is good Norwegian honey without additives.

The final product is delivered to Varegga - Mat from Bergen for resale to the end user.

We expanded with 7 new queens in 2020 and ordered a further 10 queens for the 2021 season.

Honeybees are our smallest and most important livestock. As a beekeeper, it is fascinating and exciting to follow the interaction of the bees.

It is a completely different world where the bees have spent millions of years adapting to the plants from which they harvest pollen and nectar. In order to take the best possible care of the bees,

we follow the "Beekeeping regulations" which must ensure good hygiene in all beekeeping

and prevent, limit and eradicate disease in bees.