Urt & Ugras

Om oss

Julie and Fredrik Log run Urt & Ugras Catering in Stord.

Translated Herbs & Weeds

Here they also have their own cafe, in the Helseparkhuset in Borggata in Leirvik

They are co-owners of VAREGGA - Food from Bergen.

Therefore, they are also our food expertise and advisers.

Julie is born at Stord, and formerly known to have Salmo as her last name.

She has a certificate as a chef & is a former student at Fitjar secondary school.

She did her apprenticeship in Sandnes, at Charles & de and nOi restaurant.

Julie has experience from the Norwegian Chef National Team,

where she took part in the Olympics as a commis and won gold in 2016.

Fredrik is originally from Vats in Vindafjord.

He has 12 years' experience as a chef, including 2 years' apprenticeship with Arne Brimi in Lom.

Beyond his career, Fredrik has worked in the restaurant industry and cafes, including 4 years as head chef at restaurant Renaa in Stavanger, which today has 2 stars in the Michelin guide.

In 2013, he became Norwegian master of culinary arts, and has always wanted to run something of his own to spread the joy of food in the district.

Foto: Henrik Mundal Andreassen/Sunnhordland

We are two souls who are passionate about cooking.

We want to give Stord and others new food enjoyment where we can inspire the population with new tastes, as well as old favorites with a breath of fresh air.

We are also looking at the possibility of a good collaboration with the Cookery School and the training office, where together we can organize courses and professional days.

Urt & Ugras (Herb & Weeds) was started with the idea that herbs are fine and refined in the eyes of food enthusiasts.

Here we focus on parties, weddings, as well as a concept we call ''Home restaurant'' where we come home to private parties and create an all-nighter.

With ''weeds'' we want to give Stord the trends in food, new trends come and go like weeds!

We want to convey this through, among other things, the Ugras lunch and the Tasting Table

Cakes & sweets are Julie's great joy.

She loves playing around with new figures and flowers in all varieties.

She makes all kinds of cakes and likes it when the customer wants to put their own stamp on it.

Get in touch for a personalized cake for your event.