Sheep and Lamb

Traditional Norwegian "Pinnekjøtt"

Dryed Lamb ribs:

You have to calculate around 500 grams per person (adult).

Then there should be plenty of meat left over in the pan.

A good tip here is to make meat soup or stew from whatever meat is left over.

The meat should be left in coldwater for a minimum of 18 hours, but usually not over 24 hours.

Some believe that 36 hours are necessary.

It depends on how salty you prefer the meat.

You do not need to change the water during the process.

It is important to steamcook the meat.

This is done traditionaly by adding wooden sticks in the pan, and then making shure that there allways is water in teh pan.

You should let the meat cook for at least 3-4 hours, or until the meat slips from the bones.


The serveing has to be hot! 

Root stew:

Use about 70 percent turnips/kohlrabi and

30 percent carrots.

In addition, you can have a couple of almond potatoes in the mash.

Use cream, real butter, salt and pepper - and preferably some lard in the mash to give it more flavour.

The genius of root mash is that you can mix and match with whatever root vegetables you like.

Turnips, parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes are vegetables you can play with.

Tip: When the almond paws are ready, you can take a little stick fat in a pan, with some herbs, and fry them a little on the pan.

It will lift the Christmas potatoes up a notch, and add extra flavour.

When it comes to potatoes, some will prefer floury or hard-boiled.

It is again a matter of taste, and you can only choose what you like best.